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“Perfecting Your Glow” Super Shot Face Cream

“Perfecting Your Glow” Super Shot Face Cream

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Our "Perfecting Your Glow" Super Shot is a great intense glow cream. This product is formulated with effective ingredients that can help to lighten the complexion in a safe, natural way. It can help to gradually fade dark spots like freckles, age spots, marks from acne, and body scars. It also helps to keep skin healthy and fresh, with a pleasant scent and quick smoothing results. Hydration is also improved. When to use: Normal Skin AM & PM, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin PM only; not recommended for sensitive skin to be used on facial skin. How to use: Wash face with clean cloth, apply cream and massage into skin in circular motion. This product works well with natural and organic soaps. Key Features: Water, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon, Jojoba Oil, Natural white base cream Always test on a small patch of skin.


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