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“Clear days ahead” Dark Spot Corrector

“Clear days ahead” Dark Spot Corrector

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Benefits: Our "Clear Days Ahead" Dark Spot Corrector caters for finishing touches, amending persistent spots and blemishes over extended use. This marvel of a product will refurbish your skin tone, reduce the size of your pores and gradually dissolve dark spots. Reap the rewards of clear days ahead with this highly recommended remedy. When to use: AM & PM. How to use: Rinse the skin and use a small portion of the cream directly on the dark spots, massaging it into the skin. This can also be applied to the entire face. This product is most effective with our natural and organic soaps, “Glow Ahead” Natural Face Cream and the moisture-rich oils catered to your skin type. Key Features: Witch Hazel water, Retinol, Vitamin C, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil. Always test on a small patch of skin.


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